About Me

I compose and perform emotional, healing music and hold sacred hapé ceremonies. I believe deeply in cultivating compassion, connection and well-being through the power of music and sacred plant medicines. My music is created in sacred medicine space, inspired by Shamanic healing work.

Before allowing myself to freely flow with the melodies I create on my piano, my guitar or with my voice, I was a guitarist in various metal bands for 16 years. My biggest goal: fame. Why? Because I felt something was lacking. I was terrified of being a "nobody", and would do anything to be "somebody". I was led by fear, and fear ultimately influenced my every decision.

That was until I was so desperate for healing, that I decided to sit with Ayahuasca late 2018. I was born and lived in South African for 21 years. I’ve experienced a lot of violent crime, and therefore carried a lot of “extra” trauma.

Let’s just say, my first few ceremonies with Ayahuasca changed everything. It led me to other avenues to heal my PTSD, and it, itself gave me everything else I needed to no longer move forward in life with fear, but to lead with love. It gave me the deep understanding and knowing that I was already someone, and that I had nothing to prove. Not to myself, and not to anyone else.

The transformation on the outside came in the motion of me putting down my electric guitar, opting out of my band in Seattle, and instead, sitting at the keys of my piano, and just creating from the heart. Not creating to sound like any band in particular, not creating to impress or wow others, and not creating in desperation to be heard. I created for the sake of creation and expression.

I had no idea or plan of what I was creating, but I didn’t need one anymore. I stopped engaging and feeding my mind the idea of having to be “successful”, and to “push harder” and the very toxic side of the entrepreneurial mindset which lacks self-love, and promotes the idea that you’re never quite there… you’ve never quite reached that goal unless you’re earning tons of money, or you have a following/fan base of millions.

I was done with it, because it wasn’t working for me. I was always chasing something, and was struggling to live in the present moment. And so my journey began… I released my perfectionism, I released self criticism and judgement and embraced complete compassion and self love. This changed my mindset and how I viewed myself which would ultimately change everything.

This is what influences everything I do now. I don’t need to be anywhere but here. I don’t have a “purpose” other than to experience life to its fullest. To love fully, to laugh fully, to cry fully, and to create and express whatever it is my soul desires to express at any given moment.

My hope is that my music and my medicine work brings you love, peace, and connection to your heart. My hope is that my music can initiate the chemical response in your body that allows you to feel whole. To remind you that you are perfectly perfect. That you are whole and worthy. You are not broken. You are merely human.

My hope is that once you’ve established to accept yourself fully, you can then accept others more fully. That when you understand your worth and you are gentle with yourself, that you may see the worth in every single living being on this Earth, and move forward more gently with every person you interact with. That you may live more compassionately with Pachamama and the animals we share our home with.

May you feel so connected that you become a steward of your own heart, a steward of all the animals, and a steward of Pachamama - Mother Earth.


Music helps us connect to our hearts and allows us the ability heal. Melodies create vibrations, and have the ability to alter our own energetic frequency. When we are stressed, anxious, or upset, our bodies emit low vibrations. When we are engulfed in music that vibrates at a higher frequency, this can help change our bodies energetic pattern, allowing us the space to heal.

I hold healing sound journeys, allowing people the space to absorb these frequencies and find a sense of calm, and inner connection.


Hapé is an incredible tool that allows us to connect deeply to ourselves. It helps unblock stagnant energy, and allows us the opportunity to get out of our heads, and inside of our hearts. When we are in our hearts, we are no longer led by ego, but led by our authentic selves.

My workshops teach people about the use of this sacred medicine, how to self administer and how to sit in sacredness with hapé. We then sit with this plant medicine collectively.

Cacao, and ancient Mayan medicine and tradition is used to open the heart space. The circle provides a space and a moment to be present with oneself, and utilize the medicine to go within. It is a moment to invite love into the heart, to fill in any crack of doubt that may be present. We sit collectively to heal ourselves, knowing that when we heal ourselves, we heal each other.