Discover yourself, and create the life you truly desire!

A hand-crafted box designed to support your shadow and light work, bringing you healing and connecting you to the highest version of yourself


Consciously Created





The box was created with you and mother earth in mind, making sure we leave little to no footprint.

Why You'll Love It

Curated For You

The Sacred Flow Box includes very thought-out items to create sacred ritual into your daily life. These sacred items that will, in combination immerse you into a ceremonial experience that allows you to go deep and to explore the depths of your own soul so you can rise and stand in your power.

Experience Healing

The Sacred Flow Box items are designed to work together as a powerful tool to assist your spiritual journey, and to bring in healing and sacredness. The smells, the music, the cards all work together to assist in shadow work and light work and will always be reminders of how magnificently expansive you are!

Spiritual Gifting

This magically created Sacred Flow Box makes for a perfect gift bundle for the conscious and spiritually inclined friend. This is a beautiful gift for someone who is on a spiritual journey, who's into tarot cards, crystals, meditation, yoga and plant medicine work. It's the perfect addition to any inner journey work.

Box Highlights

Each box comes hand-crafted, and contains the following to enhance your spiritual practice:

  • Hand-crafted box with Carl Jung engraved glass lid
  • Shadow Work & Light Work medicine music albums on glass & wood USB, engraved with flower of life to take you on the journey
  • Shadow & Light bracelets made from Howlite and Black Obsidian
  • Sacred Bundle with Palo Santo, Black Tourmaline, Selenite and Lavender
  • 6 Shadow Work Cards - Gold Foiled
  • 6 Light Work Cards - Gold Foiled
  • How To Do The Work Booklet

How To Use

The Sacred Flow Box is created for you to explore as you wish. The first page of the booklet will explain “How to do the work”.

Start with the Shadow Work first, and take your time with it. You can also simply listen to the music whenever you feel called to. It’s medicine music and will always be working in the background, giving you a sense of calm, peace and tranquility. Use the music in conjunction with the cards and the booklet to use each song as a topic of Shadow Work and Light Work. Every cards graphic has been intentionally designed to encompass the message and the lesson - place them on your altar as a reminder. There will be a secret link in the booklet should you wish to explore further and deeper.


The Sacred Flow Box is the
Ultimate Shadow & Light work box!

The Sacred Flow Box was founded with one mission in mind:

To inspire more fulfilling lives through the immersion of shadow work and light work. To discover and step into your most authentic, most, highest self through the power of music and the work.

Nourish your soul and grow your spiritual practice

I created Sacred Flow Box to provide sacred tools to inspire others to connect deeply with themselves and to grow their spiritual practice of stepping into their highest version of themselves.

My life has taken many turns, and I’ve encountered many curve balls like most people have. Everything in my life changed when I sat with Ayahuasca, and continued to work in the plant-medicine space. Life became more sacred, more fun, and less confusing and complicated. When I identified my shadows, I fully embraced them which allowed me to fully embrace others. Once I could fully embrace myself, I could give myself the space and the permission to live a life of pure bliss, of immense joy and fulfillment, and live authentically while living my wildest dreams. If you are on the spiritual journey, you’re going to feel like this box was curated for you by a true soul sister.

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Who's Behind The Sacred
Flow Box?

This hand-crafted journey box has been designed by Shiri Takacs, a visionary artist & musician who facilitates journeys with Ayahuasca & Hapé, and creates music from the medicine space to share with humanity in order to bring about profound healing, connection and change.

If you are into healing work, get this box!

If you are looking for that something extra that’s been put together to assist you on your healing journey who works in the healing space, get this box before it sells out! It will not disappoint. These are running out quick as only 100 boxes were created.

If you would like to deepen your healing work, and your connection with yourself and others.
If you want to understand your triggers, wounds and reactions.
If you want to access your light, finally get out of your own way, find your confidence and your freedom to express yourself authentically in this world.
Get your Sacred Flow Box!

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